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  • Detects fish and shrimp not visible on the vessel’s echo sounder

  • Measures the height of the trawl opening, the height from the headline to bottom, and bottom contact or clearance

  • Enables skippers to optimize the trawl geometry

  • Configurable with diff. ranges on down- and/or upward

  • Includes two batteries


Detection ability of TrawlEye

Because the TrawlEye is closer to the fish (when mounted on the headline) it has far better detection capacity than echo sounders mounted on the vessel. An experienced skipper will easily be able to tell whether he is seeing fish or bait, and whether he is fishing for the “right species”.

Wide-Beam & Narrow-Beam

With the many areas of application and different fisheries, Scanmar saw the need for two TrawlEye variants; The Wide-Beam TrawlEye was first launched on the market for low opening trawls, and is commonly used in white fish operations. When fishing for shrimp or other species close to the seabed, the Narrow-Beam TrawlEye usually gives the best detection. It is also commonly used in pelagic trawling

Bottom Trawling

The TrawlEye gives precise information about the trawl opening and contact with or clearance from the bottom. During bottom trawling this information is very useful to avoid losing bottom contact.

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