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  • Provides accurate distance between clump(s) and both doors on twin and triple trawls

  • Multifunctional: Distance, Angle, Depth, Temperature, Tension and Bottom contact

  • Robust construction and plastic protects against damage and wear

  • Up to 700 hours operation time on clump Quick charging

Clump Sensor

Extended distance measures

To avoid asymmetry when fishing with twin or triple trawl it is important that doors and clump are in line. Information about the doors’ and clump’s position in relation to each other is therefore essential.


The double casting of the electronics provides 100% protection. Scanmar’s newly developed super plastic drastically reduces damage to the sensor.

Batteries & Charging

With new long lasting Lithium-ion batteries, charging is in many cases no longer an issue.

Available functions

  • Distance - Distance to both doors and clump(s), distance between trawl wings

  • Depth - Clump depth

  • Temperature - Sea water temperature

  • Tension - Tension in wires

  • Angle - Clump angle (roll & pitch)

  • Stability - Clump stability (Scan Factor)

  • Bottom contact - Distance from gear to bottom

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