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Scanmar AS  -  3179 Åsgårdstrand -  Norway

 Phone: +47 33 35 44 00 -

SS4 Door Sensor

#ScanMar SS4 Door Sensor v01-21

  • Multifunctional

  • Increased battery capacity

  • Robust and innovative construction

  • 5 Year warranty


SS4 DoorSensor

An important factor in all kinds of trawling is having control of your trawl doors. Water flow, speed, depth, wire length, bottom conditions and under water currents will affect the performance of your doors and the trawl efficiency

Functions in the new SS4 DS

  • DISTANCE: Door distance, bottom & pelagic trawl

  • DEPTH: Door depth

  • TEMPERATURE: Sea water temperature

  • TENSION: Tension in trawl wires or sweeps

  • ANGLE: Door angle (roll & pitch)

  • STABILITY: Door stability (ScanFactor)

The sensors can be bought with one or several functions, and can be upgraded later via license.


The new design with double casting of the electronics provides 100% protection. Scanmar’s newly developed super plastic drastically reduces damage to the sensor due to strokes, tension, or if doors get hooked on the bottom.

Batteries & Charging

With new long lasting Lithium-ion batteries, charging is in many cases, no longer an issue. Many are able to keep the sensor on the door for the whole trip, and only charge when back from the fishing ground.

SS4 Door Sensor

SS4 Door Sensor
SS4-D-VTLA 144


Measurement options


Range: 0-300 / 0-600 m

Accuracy: ± 0.5% of value


Roll angle: -90° to +90°

Pitch angle: -90° to +90°

ScanFactor Roll: 0° to +20°

ScanFactor Pitch: 0° to +20°

Accuracy: ± 1°


Range (full scale): 300/600/1200/1800 m

Accuracy1: 1 m


Range: -5°C to +30°C

Accuracy: ± 0.15°C


Range: 12 ton

Accuracy: ± 60 kg

Repeatability: ± 30 kg

Overload: 48 ton


Range: 1 - 60 m

Accuracy: ± 0.5% of value


Mounting position: Door

Mode: Master or slave

Single, double and triple trawl

Update rate: 3 to 20 sec

Operation time3: Up to 7004 hrs (3505 hrs typical)

Max. depth: 1500m continuously

(2000 m for a short period6)


Frequency range: 38.9 – 43.4 kHz

Source level: 170 - 191 dB //1uPa @ 1m

Beam width: 55º (- 3dB)

Range to vessel7 : Approx. 2500 m (max power)

Distance measurement

Frequency: 144 kHz

Source level: 168 - 193 dB //1uPa @ 1m

Beam width: 60º (- 3dB)


Smart Battery: LiIon 10.8V / 7200 mAh

Charging time: Typ. 1.5 hour (QBC-X1)


FID, measurement type (telegram), mounting position, depth

range and uplink & transponder transmit power.


In air: 6.7 kg

In water: 2.0 kg

Available accessories and spare parts

Mounting kit trawl door: 107705

Battery pack (Standard): 108164

Battery pack (DoorHeight): 110754

Battery charger: QBC-X1


Storage: -20°C to 55°C

Waste treatment of sensor: According to WEEE-directive.


Scanmar AS  -  3179 Åsgårdstrand -  Norway

 Phone: +47 33 35 44 00 -

Designed and produced in Norway

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