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Scanmar AS  -  3179 Åsgårdstrand -  Norway

 Phone: +47 33 35 44 00 -

SS4 Catch Sensor

#ScanMar SS4 Catch Sensor v01-21

  • SuperCatch, filling indicator, up/down, temperature and rip functions

  • 5 year warranty

  • Up to 1500 hours of use from one charge


Scanmar SS4 CatchSensor meets all the requirements any fisherman could have.

Catch function

The sensors Catch function is activated with the stretch wire when the trawl is filled to the point where the sensor is mounted, which enables the skipper to follow the gradual filling. The SuperCatch function has a faster update-rate, showing a quicker activation, which is particularly important to avoid overfilling.

Filling Indicator (Angle)

Indicates the filling rate using both pitch and roll angle measurements on the cod end. The Pitch measurements show how the bag gradu­ally fills up to the point where the sensor is mounted. The Roll angle (twist) shows how the bag twists when it begins to fill and how it gradually corrects itself when it becomes full. The sensor can be programmed for normal or quick updating.

Up/Down function

The Up /Down function will notify the user when the cod end twists and is being towed upside down.

Rip function

When using the Rip function the sensor is mounted in the belly of the trawl and will alert the user if detecting any rips or tears in the net to prevent loss of catch and potentially costly damage.ConstructionThe new design with double casting of the electron­ics provides 100% protection. Scanmar’s newly developed super plastic drastically reduces damage to the sensor due to strokes, tension, or dragging along the bottom with a twisted trawl

SS4 Catch Sensor



Measurement options


Range (full scale) 1: 300/600/1200/1800 m

Accuracy2: 1 m


Roll angle: -90° to +90°

Pitch angle: -90° to +90°

ScanFactor Roll: 0 to +20°

ScanFactor Pitch: 0 to +20°

Accuracy: +/- 1°


Range: -5 to +30 °C

Accuracy : +/- 0.15 °C


Range: Full/Empty


Range: OK/Upside down


Range: Net OK / Net ripped


Mounting positions: Net

Update rate: 2.5 to 30 sec

Operation time3: 100-1500 hours

Maximum depth: 1500 m continuously

(2300 m for a short period4)


Smart Battery: Li-Ion 10.8V / 7200 mAh

Charging time: Typ. 1.5 hour (QBC-X1)

Battery capacity indicator: 5 LEDs


Frequency range: 38.9 – 43.4 kHz

Source level high power: 189 dB //1uPa @ 1m

Source level medium power: 186 dB //1uPa @ 1m

Source level low power: 183 dB //1uPa @ 1m

Beam width: 55 deg (- 3dB)

Transducer tilt: 20° upward

Range to vessel5: Approx. 2500 m (high power)


Channel selection (FID), Type of measurement,

Power selection, Depth range, Catch type and Upside down.


In air: 6.1 kg

In water: 2.5 kg


Mounting kits: 110420 / 110421

Battery pack Li-Ion: 105982

Battery charger: QBC-X1


Storage: -20 to +55 °C

Waste treatment of sensor: According to WEEE-directive.


Scanmar AS  -  3179 Åsgårdstrand -  Norway

 Phone: +47 33 35 44 00 -

Designed and produced in Norway

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