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Scanmar AS  -  3179 Åsgårdstrand -  Norway

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ScanSafe Mounting Kit

#Scanmar ScanSafe Mounting Kit v01-21

  • Ultra rubber bands, carabiners and safety cables



The mounting of Catch, Depth, Rip, TrawlEye and TrawlSounder Sensors is done with specially made, ultra durable rubber bands, carabiners and safety cables.

Flow, BottomContact and Grid Sensors are fixed with their own mounting kits.


ScanSafe is a mounting kit for the SS4 Catch and Depth Sensor and can be purchased as an optional extra.

ScanSafe Mounting Kit

Sensor trawl mounting kit


Materials and dimensions

Rope: Dyneema FK75, 3mm

Rubber strap: NBR-rubber, 800xØ9mm

Attachment ring: Stainless steel, dia 50xØ6mm

Attachment pin: Stainless steel, 33xØ10mm

Tensile strength

Rope: 6000N (600 kg)

Rubber strap: 1100N (110 kg)

Elongation at break

Rope: 20%

Rubber strap: 500%


The ScanSafe trawl mounting kit can be used for all

Scanmar sensors (except some old versions of the

Trawl Eye sensor). This new generation mounting kit

provides a very fast, easy and reliable method for

mounting the sensor. The rope used is stronger than

steel, and is as strong as the traditional safety wire in

the old Scanmar mounting kit. The rope in the mounting kit is designed to break in high stress conditions before the sensor is damaged. However,

the rubber straps will in this case normally prevent a

loss of the sensor.


Scanmar AS  -  3179 Åsgårdstrand -  Norway

 Phone: +47 33 35 44 00 -

Designed and produced in Norway

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